Mix and Match

One of the great things about being semi on my own right now in Lake Placid is that I can do a little bit of everything.  Some structured workouts, some spontaneous workouts.  Its been really nice to have that sort of freedom and flexibility in my training.  In a way it acts as a mental break as well.  Lots of time to play!

That being said I’ve taken advantage of the fact that there are all these world class teams here…even if their sports are different than mine they make great training buddies!  I’ve started a new strength program with the strength and conditioning coach, Brad, here at the training center, and I really enjoy working with him.  I was so excited to get on a modified strength program and I think I am going to make some real gains in the weight room and on the ski trails this winter!  So on tuesday when the bobsledders, luge and skeleton athletes headed outside onto the grass to warm up for tempo strength I straggled along.  Without hesitation Brad threw me into the mix.  I had no instructions so I just hopped into line and sort of just played follow the leader.  A little jog, some dynamic stretching, hurdle work, and then into the weight room to collect some plates and med balls.  They cut all the weight in half for me, these girls are strong, not sure if I’ve ever looked so shrimpy!  It was a blast!  Those girls took good care of me and it was incredible to watch them motivate, support, and encourage each other through out the workout.  Hopefully I’ll get to jump into a few more of those in the weeks to come!

I’ve also fallen into a few of the luge team’s games.  Mostly…bandy.  Bandy I believe is the Finnish term for floor hockey.  I’ve jumped into two games now and its been super fun.  One of the games I actually used as a warm up before strength!  They are a competitive bunch, but I think I did an ok job holding my own.  In the past they’ve played several times a week so the older guys are pretty quick…mostly I just try to get in the way as much as possible.  Success?

Most of the B team boys arrived back in town earlier this week and its been great to have a few other biathletes bouncing about.  Even if we are doing different workouts its nice to have people coming in and out of the range with you, skiing and running about.

The rest of the week is pretty tame here.  Distance tomorrow and some short hard intervals saturday morning, followed by a sleepy sunday of course.  Next week will be a little more high paced.  Intervals monday, thursday, and saturday!  Can’t wait!  …and of course the return of the rest of the team from Europe on the 4th.  Holy Toledo…its almost September!!!

I leave you with a few pictures from the hike/run/adventure Wynn and I went on earlier in the week.

One thought on “Mix and Match

  1. Radek Kalousek says:

    Corrine, it is good for you that you could join to other athletes even if of different sports branches. It can only help you. And you do not mind that you look beside them so schrimpy. Because bobsleigh is different and very demanding sport these girls have quite different stature. And be schrimpy has also such important advantage. You need not still sew up your sport suit. Look :

    PS. Have a nice time in the training center and sleep enough on sunday.

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