Weathering the Storm

Its been a lovely weekend here.  Really lovely.  Actually Saturday and Sunday have been, in ways, polar opposites, but still relatively kick ass in their own rights.

Saturday was beautiful.  Yes the calm before the storm.  As Irene slammed into Virgina, North Carolina and the eastern coast we played in the sunshine in Lake Placid.  Wynn, Russell and I headed out in the morning to Whiteface.  The boys had longer threshold ski walking intervals and I had some short hard bounding intervals.  I’ve done alot of intervals on the mountain this summer but these are the first bounding intervals I have done.  It was warm and sweaty and perfect.  A nice little warm up and some 15x15s and then right into 6x4mins relatively all out. Pure awesomeness.

Spent the afternoon playing with a friend’s puppy.  She got a lot of love from some of the other resident athletes.  The training center grass is a great little playground for her.  Loads of attention for the puppy.  Lots of play time.  Then it was off to a birthday party for our strength coach’s daughter.  Seemingly two year olds and athletes are perfect playmates.  Who can say no to cupcakes?

And then there is today…  Irene, our little tropical storm, has finally made its way into Upstate New York.  Lots and Lots of rain… We’ve already gotten some pretty good wind that foiled all of our attempts to a late breakfast in town this morning.  Each of our options seemed to lose power one by one.  Bummer?  yes indeed.  When we got back to the training center they didn’t have power either…and those fancy new electronic keys and doors we got this spring don’t work when the powers out.  Lucky for us another athlete let us into the building.  We all had to retrieve the old spare keys to get into our rooms but finally we were back in.  We are actually really lucky.  The training center is on the same grid as the hospital and so when the power goes out we are one of the first areas to get help.

I don’t know if we are still running on the back up generator or not.  But for now we have lights!  Here’s to the perfect rest day.  Watching the storm from the computer of my blankets!


2 thoughts on “Weathering the Storm

  1. Hilary says:

    Wow sounds aweful!! Well, your portrayal of the story is actually quite humorous, but I’m sure it wasn’t in real life. Technology is fantastic, but not when the power goes out! My family was headed up to stowe today and many rivers are totally flooded out. We couldn’t even get to where we were supposed to spend the night. Fortunately it sounds like the weather is supposed to be spectacular this week.

  2. Radek Kalousek says:

    Corrine, you can see that nothing is only white or black. Be the light-weight girl in comparision with bobsleigh women in such a wind is certainly no advantage. Otherwise I strongly hope that you and all others there will not be seriously harmed.

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