A Little Pavement for Breakfast

So yesterday morning I took a little tumble.  Ok maybe it was more than a little tumble.  I went from being upright to being laid out pretty fast.  Pete Vordenberg once told me if I wasn’t falling I wasn’t trying hard enough…  Well I was trying alright.  In my second interval I hit some debris on the uphill and my wheel stopped.  I didn’t have a chance to save myself, and I’m thankful I was wearing long tights and a long sleeve shirt.  My leg looks like I took a cheese grater to it, I tore through the arm of my shirt and removed a chunk of my elbow, scraped the same skin off my hip I do every time I fall, and messed up my shoulder.

Patrick and Bjorn ran down the hill as I rolled over onto my back.  I slowly counted my limbs, nothing appeared broken.  They ask if I’m alright and I nod my head, yes.  “You want to know the good knews?” Patrick asks.  ….and what do I say?  “You got it all on tape!?!?”  yes. yes he did.   “You were flying!” he said.  “Seriously, you flew.” Bjorn adds.  I couldn’t get my one leg to stop shaking for the rest of the work out, but I finished my intervals and went back to the training center to get cleaned up.

They still aren’t sure what I’ve done to my shoulder.  It doesn’t hurt when force is applied, or really if pressure is applied either…it just hurts to move it.  We are waiting to see what happens when the muscle inflammation goes down.

Keep your fingers crossed.  But in the mean time you can check out the best four seconds of video ever recorded on my facebook page.


One thought on “A Little Pavement for Breakfast

  1. Radek Kalousek says:

    Corrine, you can 100% rely on me. My fingers will be crossed till your shoulder is entirely OK. By the way, it is prise worthy that you have trained alright (in literally every aspect) but, please, next time perhpas rather little less.

    PS. Corrine, only little less.

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