Come on Blue Skies!

Please please, sunshine! Holy Brrrrrrrrrr!  It is chilly in Utah!!!

Yesterday Casey Smith, one of the junior biathlon guys, and I made the trek from Bozeman down to Park City, Utah.  It was pretty painless…although it did rain the entire 8 hours we spent in our sing-a-long-moblie loaded down with biathlon gear.   In the end….we made it!  I was lucky to have a team mate that lives near the Solider Hollow venue who was welcoming, and willing to let us crash at his house.  Sleeping on  couch is fine with me, especially when the weather is so awful outside.

It rained through the night, hovering right around freezing!   We woke up to a mix of rain and sleet, however, right up the road from us in Park City the athletes woke up to snow on the ground!  Just a few inches…winter is on its way!

Not wanting to fuss with a slippery rollerski track our little group set out for a quick run to shake out our limbs on some dirt roads near by. We zig-zagged our way between cow pastures with large bulls and fields of grazing horses and cows.  It was quite, muddy, and cold.  The rain turned into sleet at some point and when we turned around to run back it stung a little bit as we ran into the wind.

The rest of the team is suppose to get in Saturday night, just in time for the weather to turn around!  Before they get in on saturday I’ll be helping out as athlete ambassador for my first ever fast and female clinic!  There should be plenty of young girls in attendance and an abundance of awesome ambassadors from 6 different sports in attendance.  If you are in the Park City area this saturday come by the Center of Excellence and check out this incredible event.  You can find more information here: FASTANDFEMALE


2 thoughts on “Come on Blue Skies!

  1. Radek Kalousek says:

    Winter is already really comming. Some biathletes wrote that in Ruhpolding (GER) and I say that also in CZE it was till yesterday beautiful weather but now it is suddenly the same as in Utah.

    Corrine, you will be certainly a dextrous and convincing ambassador. You will make a great impact on these young girls and will bring them on the right road. I think that perhaps not only girls but also boys and even already little bit older boys can be better than before. I will try it since tomorrow or since Monday. Or rather immediately since next year.

    PS. Corrine, you wrote nothing about your shoulder so it probably means that it is much better.

  2. Radek Kalousek says:

    Corrine, I am sorry that I write once more but I have thought about how I could help you with your mission on Saturday. I recollected that I once saw such interesting video. It could perhaps be used for girls as a deterrent example.

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