Cold Cold Cold!

If you didn’t know this already…its Cold here.  Really Cold.  Ok…its not “that” cold… I’m just not ready for it.  Its that time of year again when the temperatures flirt with freezing.  But if you get the sun to come out long enough it could still crack the 60s.  (which by then feels so very warm)

Its a time of year you have to be careful.  Those drastically changing temperatures can really throw your body for a loop.  You become more susceptible to getting sick.  So we try to be careful.  Where enough clothing.  Have dry warm clothes to change into after practice.  Drink plenty of fluids.  etc and so on.  always hoping its enough.

The house was pretty chilly yesterday.  Heck I curled up on the couch in a down jacket for nap time…with a down sleeping bag and another blanket.  (don’t forget the wool or fleece socks)

The weather is suppose to turn by sunday and get better and better through out the next week.  I’m excited for our camp to start.  For all of my team mates to be back together in one place again.  It really does seem like we’ve been all over the place, especially ever since the last trip to Jericho!

I’m getting bundled up, packing a bag full of warm clothing for this afternoon’s adventures in Park City.  Hopefully I’ll get some pictures from the Fast and Female event!   Until then I hope its sunny and warm wherever you are…or as one of my team mates always reminds me “You just have to think, above the clouds its sunny with blue skies.”

One thought on “Cold Cold Cold!

  1. Radek Kalousek says:

    Corrine, it does not matter if you are in Utah or CZE, cold is probably already everywhere. As you say, mainly do not fall ill.

    PS. Corrine, please, certainly try to get some photos from today´s action.

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