Acting Out

If you are being nagged by a persistent, reluctant to heal injury… you probably shouldn’t do the following.  But feel free to read all about it!

In my return to Lake Placid I’ve been counseled by sports med, reassessed by the doctor, covered in enough kinesio tape to look like a piece of deco art, and finally started up on a rehab program… Progress looking for progress.  After all I have to put myself back together so that I have a functioning limb whenever it is my season starts up.   The whole process is a little bit frustrating.  There is a lot of, “You want me to do what with my shoulder blade?!?!”  Flexing things on command I didn’t know you could flex.  Ideally I would like an overnight miracle healing where I wake up feeling good as new… unfortunately I’ve come to find it doesn’t really work that way.

And so last night I took to my mountain bike (ok that’s a lie, its not my bike) and headed into the dark and the rain to take my frustration out on the muddy, root filled trails.  Its great.  Its generally just a bunch of guys.  They let me crank along, mashing on my pedals as I try not to get lost cussing at each looming stump and log.  I seem to mostly perpetually fall over (don’t worry I broke the bikes fall with my body) as my riding style leaves a little to be desired… In general I choose (hah, as if I have a choice!) to ride through whatever obstacles might be in my way rather than over or even around them.  Yes as I’m sure you are imagining right now, I am a graceful specimen on a bike (also a lie)…

The mud was flying, the roots were slick.  You could see our breath in the light from our headlamps.

Quick Aside: Thanks for slapping a light on my helmet every time I show up…even if you only do it so that if and when you drop me you can locate me again through the woods via the beacon on my head.  I really do appreciate it.

True it was cold, and yes the blood trickling down my calve may or may not be from slamming my own gear into my leg… but for the most part I was having too much fun to really care.  Ok sure, snuggling with a Pitbull for body warmth might have been a moment of weakness. But I will attest that he was shivering almost as much as I was…

After any abuse I caused to myself (or the trail for that matter) I was happy to roll into L&S for warm food and good company… good food and warm company?  Either way, covered in mud, looking not at all presentable… I was happy.  Truly happy. and grinning like an idiot.

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