Ok so its true… its much too warm for November.  This time last year I was in Canmore battling hypothermia… today, I rollerskied in a t-shirt! AH!  Its sunny, and although I know I should be anxious for snow.  Pleading for winter.   This morning I was quite content.

It might help that I got to rollerski with BOTH arms!  Big deal. I know.

My coach gave me a little tidbit that kept me laughing the entire ski.  We are trying to find a strong arm position that doesn’t compromise my bicep tendon.  The goal?  Keep my arm extended out in front of me. Rather than creeping back into my crunched choppy little arm motion.    As a way to remember to do this my coach asked me to think about Middle School dances.  Think 6th graders.  (Not you 8th graders, I’ve seen you dance, remember I was once an 8th grader too)  Middle school was definitly an awkward phase for me so this image of keeping a dance partner as far away from you as possible was all too familiar and oh so entertaining.

The best part?  It worked.  It actually brings my whole body position forward!  Slowly working out of the hockey skating legs.  The true test will be seeing how my arm feels tomorrow…  so keep your fingers crossed!

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