The life we lead

Being an athlete is odd.  I’ve never been so solely defined in my entire life.  I’ve always had so much going on.  But now more than ever I am that.  An Athlete.

Lots of people have control of what we do.  how we train. where we go. when we leave.

Lots of people have suggestions for us.  what we eat. when we eat.  do you lift. don’t you lift.

Sometimes I forget that I have opinions about what I’m doing.  and I’m trying to listen to them.  And then last night reminded me again about how little control I have.

I got drug tested.  Yep. USADA finally got me.  Sure enough I was bragging at dinner about how I’ve never been tested!  Should have held my tongue!   an hour later our friendly doping control man was knocking at my door.  …Had I just gone pee?  Where were you 10 minutes ago!?

Forms were filed.  Things needed to be signed, sealed, delivered, and I was just along for the ride.  Then we waited.  Making small talk with the couple that were going to watch me pee into a cup.  …Is this real life?

I didn’t break any records.  But finally, two and a half hours later I had my life back.  and you know what I did?  I went to sleep.

One thought on “The life we lead

  1. Radek Kalousek says:

    Corrine, in every profession is something what you like more and what you like less. I have no imagination how they choose athletes. They perhaps thought you are hurt and have a pain and therefore you eat something against a pain but something what is banned. You have done what they wanted and it turned out well. Let it be and do not think about it no more.

    PS. Or they forebode you will break some record in the near future. Who knows.

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