I had a little meeting with our awesome sports psychologist in Utah to talk about how I manage stress.  Or lets face it… we talked about how poorly I was handling stress and what we could do about it.

Anxiety was burning me out.  My immune system was growing weak.  I had stress dreams… It just wasn’t a whole lot of fun anymore.

I would form these questions in my mind.  They made me feel unprepared.  Uncertain.  They would get me all worked up.  And for what?  They were hypothetical questions that I was asking myself!?!?

What was I doing!?  …self sabotage?  maybe just a little.

I’m pleased to tell you.  We’ve fixed it… fixed me?  and it was simple.  Answer those friggin questions!

So here you go.

Question:  Corrine why aren’t you on snow right now?
Fix:  Shut up, you’re awesome.

Question: Well everyone else is on snow…
Fix:  Shut up!  You’re awesome.

Question:  Corrine, you are going to be on snow for FOUR days before your first race!?
Fix: Shut up, you’re awesome.

Question:  Everyone else has been racing… you’re falling behind.
Fix:  Shut up, you’re awesome!

Question:  Corrine… you missed alot of training.  Is your arm even attached to your shoulder?
Fix:  Yes. I know. Shut up, you’re awesome.

Question:  So are you ready for this?
Fix:  Oh hell yeah.

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