Obscure Talents

Being a professional amateur athlete has its up sides…  For instance, I’ve picked up some obscure talents that may or may not cross over to the real world some day. (yeah right)

Some of these skills are, but in no way limited to, the following:

Constructing drying racks/lines out of whatever means necessary.  Often containing shoe laces, rifle cases, lighting fixtures, vents, and wire clothe hangers…

Wielding large cumbersome objects through tight spaces, and not causing bodily harm to any innocent bystanders.

Knowing exactly how much 50 lbs is.  (If I can heft it onto my shoulder in one movement it is under 50lbs….every time)

Knowing how to trick scales into thinking your bag is only 50lbs.

The ability to sleep anywhere, anyplace, anytime, any how.  Bonus points for doing so in the middle of a 5 person row in the back of a plane on an 8 hour flight.

Cooking entire meals on a hot plate.

Smiling your way through customs.  ‘Wait… You?  …have the firearm???’

Counting to 5.  Well atleast 3…

If anything I’m set up wonderfully to be a hobo if this biathlon thing doesn’t work out.

7 thoughts on “Obscure Talents

  1. Radek, CZE says:

    Corrine, it seems to me you have at least little doubts that you have chosen right way and so you are balancing. And you are writing about it exactly in that style I like very much. But Corrine, I would like to say you that one thing is to speak about it in this style and something else is make a fair balance for your own benefit without black humor. Someone may easily fall into really bad mood if mistakes first way for second way.

    PS. Corrine, do you know that “Things you will learn in hobo jungle are things they never taught you in a class room”? That song is about something else than a sport or an athlete but may be only seemingly and I hope it will help you.

  2. Hilary says:

    You have a very entertaining sense of humor! Can’t say that I alway handle stress in the best way possible either. And of course its further complicated by the fact that my self-confidence lacks when it comes to skiing. Running: no problem, shooting: its okay, but skiing I just don’t know what I’m capable of so its really hard to set goals and shoot for things.

    Good Luck in MN!

    • cmalcolm says:

      Thank you Hilary! Confidence is something that is so often hard to come by. It also comes and goes when it pleases… I used to be quite the worrier, I’ve stressed myself to sickness. Sometimes you just have to tell yourself, “Shut up I’m awesome!” and believe it!

      • Hilary says:

        I couldn’t agree more. If you’re interested, I have a blog I keep. Its private (Dad’s requirement!) so if you’re interested in being added, just email me and I’ll send you an invite. superpurplebutterfly (at) hotmail.com.


  3. zarskiman says:

    Thanks for the shoutout Corrine– loving your blog as well! Glad to see you’re totally back from the injury. Tear it up this season! If you come over to Europe, I’ll come out and cheer dressed as a pretzel stick in lederhosen– how’s that for incentive??

    • cmalcolm says:

      Not a problem! Loved the interview with Tim and Leif by the way, nice to see them in their element. …Although I enjoy working the gimp angle its nice to be healthy again. Incentive! Oh Yeah!

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