About time, right?!?!

After a morning of waxing skis I got out for my very first ski of the season.  (does one trek up the tollroad on waxless skis count?)

It was awesome!  Ok so my standards are pretty low right now, for snow that is, but I was super impressed with the Mt. Itasca crew once again.  In a place that has had practically no natural precipitation this winter the snow they have out on the trails right now is pretty spectacular.  Its no winter wonderland but its clean and hard packed.

Some impressions from my first attempt on the skinny skis for the year…

Why are my skis so long? Are they suppose to be this long?!  They’re so slippery, AHHHHH!

Flail Flail Flail Flail. Glide. Flail Flail Flail.

Note to self: skis do not ‘roll’ onto shooting mats…  May or may not have nearly face planted getting into prone the first time

WWEEEEEEEEEEE! …oh dear do I look as ungraceful as I think I do?  Sure doesn’t feel pretty.

Much awkward body confusion getting off the shooting mat with skis.   Some near misses.

Ending with covering skis at noon as my stomach tried to eat itself.  What I would give for a wax tech…and maybe some blueberries.


2 thoughts on “Skiing

  1. Hilary says:

    Very humorous. I have to say I feel the same way when I get on skis the first time each winter. Its more of a battle nowtto slide down the trail on my behind and trip getting off the mat, than it is an attempt to ski. lol

  2. Radek, CZE says:

    Like diamond you cut your skiing style, Flail by Flail, Glide by Glide. Corrine, thanks for you share it with us, it is exciting reading.

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