Today I arrived to a very different Grand Rapids, Minnesota than I’m used to…

This very day last year I opted out of a warm up Minnesota Cup race because it was “too cold”.   Am I in the right place?  It was 40 degrees when I arrived.  There is even less snow on the ground here than there is in back home in Wisconsin.  Its far from the typical subzero Arctic temperatures we expect to greet us in the annual pre-Christmas biathlon races.

Today might be the exception warmth wise…  Apparently the Northern Midwest has been every bit the opposite of the Adirondacks.  While its been raining and hovering right around 40F in New York its been pretty darn cold here in Grand Rapids… the precipitation just hasn’t come yet.  The folks at Mt. Itasca have been making snow for over a week now and they have almost 2km of trail covered.  I know it isn’t much, but its a start!  And hopefully tomorrow I will be skiing lap after lap on it.

How many loops do you think it will take for me to get dizzy?

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  1. Radek, CZE says:

    Such 2km orbit is pretty small. In addition, recently I have read in one book with pictures that the Earth rotates around its axis and, Corrine imagine, even circulates around the Sun. All together is really a whirligig. But I think you should master 10 loops quite easily if you will not rotate also your head too much.

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