One of the things that makes great athletes exceptional is their ability to forget the mistakes they’ve made.

Of course you learn everything you can, but then you move on.  You take away a lesson. Or a feeling.  Or an experience.  But the eyes are always (always always always) on the future.

We adapt.  We adjust. change. readjust again.  sometimes we even start over from scratch.  But the eyes are always (always always always) on the big picture.

We often don’t know how we’re going to get there.  You can’t plan obstacles. or setbacks.  but they happen.

Its a cycle.  build. rebuild. breath.  Keep it in perspective.

Sometimes though it’s hard.  Hard to see the big picture.  You’re trying to keep your head above water let alone “keep your eye on the prize.”   So it gets murky, sometimes.

But when the dust settles you’re still standing.  And the path no matter how ‘unbeaten’ is still there.

So my season isn’t what I hoped for.  Its not grand.  I’m not gallivanting around Europe waving an American flag.  But despite all the setbacks, all the unideal-ness and uncertainty this year has brought me I know I am a much better athlete right now than I was last year.  A better skier.  A better shooter. And in fact a better biathlete.

Maybe I’m not exactly where I want to be.  Probably not where you want me to be either…  Hang in there with me?

We will make it.


One thought on “Perspective

  1. Sam Dougherty says:

    Don’t worry about making your fanbase happy Corrine. We’re behind you no matter what! Just think of how much sweeter it’s going to feel when you DO reach your goals after this years investment. Granted it would’ve been earned this season, but it’ll feel even more so after this years journey.

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