Oh Winter!

… Oh Spring?  Oh winter?  Spring?  Oh for pete’s sake ya big tease!!!

I have no idea what season it is anymore.  It changes so fast I can’t keep up!  Welcome to March I guess…  Even after almost a full day of rain and temperatures soaring well into the 50’s we managed to get snow last night.  So what’s a girl to do with a little fresh snow?  Adventure time!

That’s right. Rocked the fish scales down the road this morning and into Marcy Dam.  The sun was shining.  The forest critters were milling in Snow White Disney-esque fashion. At one point after catching myself from nearly disastrous face plants I laughed and said, “Oh jeeze watch out there is some snow in our rocks!”

But I made it.  Reveling in some much needed Vitamin D and quite time on the trail… I really can’t complain.

Now here is some pretty horrendous cell-phone journalism!


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