Dewy Mountain Day

Yesterday was a little bittersweet.  I’m headed to Montana on Monday for Nationals… and although I’m super excited to go end the season out west I’m bummed that yesterday was probably my last day skiing with “my kids” for the winter.  That’s right parents… I’ve emotionally adopted your children.  Congratulations Lake Placid.  I’m pretty sure that’s the final step to being attached to a community.

I want to take this opportunity to thank NYSEF and Dewy Mtn for letting me be a super volunteer coach and  run around in the woods with your kids for the past couple of months.  It has been a very challenging season for me but you guys made Lake Placid home.  The outpouring of positive support I have received over the past couple of months has been absolutely incredible.  I feel like I am truly a part of your community and for that, I can not thank you enough.

All that being said… way to rock Dewy Mtn Day!

(Van coming into shoot)

(Congratulating Liam on an awesome first race ever!  Lollipops for everyone!)

Getting ready for awards and bib draw and hyenas… (I mean kids!) gather

(Leading out on the snow shoe portion for team Peregrine Falcon Speedies in the BoxShort Triathlon Relay)

(The youngest Franz boy contemplating getting in on the racing action… that or smiling for a lollipop)

(Team Peregrine Falcon Speedies were victorious! Our anchor Tate really sealed the deal.)

So I might not be at World Champs… or NCAAs… but I think Dewy Mtn was the place for me to be on Saturday.  After all… we are the Golden Boxers Champions of 2012!

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