New Year New Start

After a long week of racing in Jericho Vermont I’ve journeyed back to Northern Maine.  It was a long journey north and a grim one at that.  I went jogging in the rain yesterday which made me cringe all the way down to my toes!  Skiing this morning was also grim.  It was similar to really bad spring conditions, I would take Oberhof’s abundance of snow over this any day.  I skittered around the trails this morning, I gave up trying to avoid the dirt and bare spots almost immediately… it wasn’t worth it.

The only bright light through the trudging was looking forward towards my departure for Europe!

After coming in second on the first day of racing I put together two more days of respectable shooting to garner the top spot for the junior women.  I’m excited that I put together some good races.  I had some doubts after racing in MN.  This was a nice way to shake all of that off and move forward.

USBA named 13 junior and youth skiers to make the trip to the World Championships in Nove Mesto and I know everyone is really excited to go mix it up and rub elbows with the Europeans.  I will be joined in Europe by my MWSC team mates Grace, Ben, and Raleigh, along with my good friend and training buddy Kelly!  The others on the team are from all over the country, I believe we are represented by 8 states all together which is an awesome step forward for US biathlon.

We will leave for Europe in a few weeks, i think it will be an advantage for us to have both our coaches from the Czech Republic…atleast we shouldn’t get lost?

There are alot of “new” things in my future.  First International biathlon race.  First race representing the USA.  First time I will be leaving for Europe not knowing when and how I will be coming back.  We have the option to jump into some German cup races after World Juniors which would be fun but pricey.  I was thinking about perhaps heading to Latvia?  Exciting I know!  An inside source tells me  they have good snow and I think I can find some very old friends that might take me in!  I’m excited for this new year to get under way!  I really have no idea what the future holds, but I’m getting better at rolling with the punches…okay so thats debatable, but I promise I’m trying!

Okay back off into the gloom!

Look for slushy updates in the future…or perhaps a long day of travel back to the midwest!!!!

Happy New Year!

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