Back to Vermont

Our little intermission from Jericho has come to an end here in Lake Placid and now we are getting ready to head back to Vermont for another week or so of training.  Back home in New York we had some awesome weather.  Lots of swimming, lots of rest, lots of sunshine.  A bike accident and a birthday celebration.

We jumped back into team training on tuesday with, you guessed it, more whiteface intervals!  It was fun to have Sara and Annelise on the mountain with me.  Coaches Jonne and Bjorn even jumped in the mix a little bit for some short bounding intervals at the end.  To Bjorn’s merit he didn’t have ski poles and was only armed with a backpack full of blood lactate testing things…but he still kicked butt racing head to head with Jonne.

This weekend we have Summer Rollerski Biathlon Nationals…I know its a mouthful.  There have actually been biathletes living in the barracks all week training together!  We are sneaking in a little late, but I like it better that way.  The races will consist of a sprint and pursuit and all the seniors (moving up in the world) will carry our rifles just like we do on snow.  I’m a little nervous.  These races will be the first of two sets of qualifiers to make it to the on snow camp in November in Sweden.  After all its only August…right?

Keep your fingers crossed. I’ll let you know how it all pans out!

One thought on “Back to Vermont

  1. Radek Kalousek says:

    Corrine, you write so nicely, so I with pleasure have read your blog from the beginning “Where was I now?”. For that reason I can wish you for the NCH so as to you will show that the second place in skiing (Individual) in OECH was not only fortune and also you will be faster than ever before in shooting as you have planed after JWCH. And of course, a low number of penalty loops, ideally 2×0 and 4×0.

    Corrine, you are perhaps not the hottest aspirant for the victories in these races but it is on the other side your advantage. Do not worry about nothing, you can disappoint nobody, possibly only you yourself.

    Good luck!

    Cao Radek

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