You are probably already well aware of how clumsy I am… yes yes. that would be super clumsy.


I fall down alot.  Potentially even more than the average person.  The good news?  I’ve gotten really good at it.  So when the ground is coming at me fast I can generally hit it and not cause too much bodily harm.  Today was no different.  In two hours I fell a grand total of not one, not two, but six times!  SIX!  Call me super klutz.


I’ve come to accept my ability to hit the ground and get back up.  Occasionally I do have to lay there.  Count my limbs.  “I’m  ok?  I’m ok…  I’m ok!”

My poor running partner has no idea what he was getting himself into.  We’ve been at a few of the same running races throughout the summer and fall and finally decided who better to go on a jaunt with!  I slipped and slid a bit on the way out to avalanche lake.  Loosing my footing and using my butt as a way of getting down rocky surfaces.

Losing chunks of my skin might just be a hobby.  On our way back towards the parking lot our path got slick, and I found myself progressively more and more on the ground.  I took four good diggers on the way back in. Four!  Harrison witnessed all of them.  At one point (after making sure I was ok) he had to sit down he was laughing so hard.  I just laid there on my back in the middle of the trail and collected my thoughts as I cursed the rock or root I had chosen to not avoid.

We made it back to the car relatively unharmed.  A little dirty.  A little scoffed up.  But intact and thrilled with our morning adventure.


One last photo for you guys…. This is me as a 15 year old.  Its right after a 5km road race in Cesis, Latvia.  I missed a curb and ate pavement (once again).  It was a little embarrassing to have to receive medical attention to pick all the dirt and rocks out of my legs after a road race. The picture cracks me up every time (such a goofy kid)! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Clumsy

  1. Radek Kalousek says:

    I did not wait you will break some record so soon. Corrine, I undrestand, it is nice to be in The Guinness Book but to be average is sometimes perhaps better.

    PS. It may be that Earth´s gravity is for some objects much stronger so I decided to keep my fingers crossed for you not only for sport but for all activities. Even against falling out of bed.

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