Struttin for Stuffin

First off Happy Thanksgiving…Turkey Day…Hunting Season…or for you Europeans, November 24th …Whatever you would like to call it  I hope where ever you are you are surrounded by family and friends.

Before our team scattered across the country we all got together for an early Thanksgiving dinner at the Cook’s house.  It was pretty spectacular!  The girls were all happy, apparently fish and potatoes in Sweden just wouldn’t cut it. And although I’m across the country from my family right now I am so lucky to be taken in by such a loving family who made me feel right at home today.  The Cook clan (or Team COOK) is really an unparalleled group of people.

I realize I should be thankful on a regular basis but as tradition stands I will use to today to restate just how grateful I am.

I am thankful for my family and friends.  Near and far. Your continual love and support (even when I’m being an unnecessary stinker) is unmeasurable. Your belief in me keeps me strong.

I’m thankful for this ridiculous opportunity to make the wacky unconventional sport I love a profession.  I rarely have to be reminded how wonderful my “job” is.

I am thankful for my team.  You guys are the older sisters I never had and always needed.  I’m so grateful to have such a kick ass group of ladies to keep me in line.  You guys inspire the hell out of me.

I’m thankful for the locals that have made Lake Placid feel like home.  You guys keep the OTC brain rot from consuming me.  Thats right you are responsible for my sanity, you may now pat yourself on the back.

I am thankful that I’m ok.  I really don’t have much to legitimately complain about.  Sure ok, I know I find all sorts of things to rant on… but I do know just how fortunate I am.  And I know I should embrace just how good I have it more fervently.

I’m one lucky son of a gun with so many people to thank.  Thank you.


…on a side note. I won a turkey this morning at a running race… Yeah I know, an entire frozen hunk of poultry.  Who is up for Thanksgiving round three?


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