Dave you’ve done it again

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If you have a moment or two you should read this post by Dave McCahill.

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Now I do not know if you are a ‘dog person’ or not…. but if you are anything like me you probably are.  Which therefore means… puppies make your heart melt.  (yes baby animals and men playing guitars, you just can’t help it)

I’ve often joked about kidnapping people’s dogs, strangers or not.  Since I can not currently own a dog myself, yes you guessed it, it is frowned upon by the OTC.  And lets face it, you can’t really cuddle up with a fish…  And so.  For now.  I borrow.  have play dates with.  and jokingly threaten to kidnap. other people’s dogs.

And I’m pleased to announce that for the week I have done just that!  Getting my puppy dog fix.  The house I stay at when I compete or train in Minnesota has two dogs.  Loveable, wiggly, furry, cuddle monsters.  You could say we hit it off.  It was love at first butt wiggle.  And since northern minnesota is such a ‘happening’ place…. they have slowly become my sole/soul companions.

Jasper and Cedar.  My surrogate amigos.

Now I have a question… Are pets like children?  Are you not allowed to have a favorite?  Honestly I do not know how parents do it.  Jasper and I have known each other for a while.  (the love runs deep) but now there is the new puppy Cedar.  And I love Jasper, but Cedar is so little and wiggly and cute.  …not that Jasper isn’t cute… back and forth back and forth.  Maybe I’ll understand it some day down the road when I have my own children… or pets?  Maybe I should start with plants…


About time, right?!?!

After a morning of waxing skis I got out for my very first ski of the season.  (does one trek up the tollroad on waxless skis count?)

It was awesome!  Ok so my standards are pretty low right now, for snow that is, but I was super impressed with the Mt. Itasca crew once again.  In a place that has had practically no natural precipitation this winter the snow they have out on the trails right now is pretty spectacular.  Its no winter wonderland but its clean and hard packed.

Some impressions from my first attempt on the skinny skis for the year…

Why are my skis so long? Are they suppose to be this long?!  They’re so slippery, AHHHHH!

Flail Flail Flail Flail. Glide. Flail Flail Flail.

Note to self: skis do not ‘roll’ onto shooting mats…  May or may not have nearly face planted getting into prone the first time

WWEEEEEEEEEEE! …oh dear do I look as ungraceful as I think I do?  Sure doesn’t feel pretty.

Much awkward body confusion getting off the shooting mat with skis.   Some near misses.

Ending with covering skis at noon as my stomach tried to eat itself.  What I would give for a wax tech…and maybe some blueberries.


Today I arrived to a very different Grand Rapids, Minnesota than I’m used to…

This very day last year I opted out of a warm up Minnesota Cup race because it was “too cold”.   Am I in the right place?  It was 40 degrees when I arrived.  There is even less snow on the ground here than there is in back home in Wisconsin.  Its far from the typical subzero Arctic temperatures we expect to greet us in the annual pre-Christmas biathlon races.

Today might be the exception warmth wise…  Apparently the Northern Midwest has been every bit the opposite of the Adirondacks.  While its been raining and hovering right around 40F in New York its been pretty darn cold here in Grand Rapids… the precipitation just hasn’t come yet.  The folks at Mt. Itasca have been making snow for over a week now and they have almost 2km of trail covered.  I know it isn’t much, but its a start!  And hopefully tomorrow I will be skiing lap after lap on it.

How many loops do you think it will take for me to get dizzy?

Obscure Talents

Being a professional amateur athlete has its up sides…  For instance, I’ve picked up some obscure talents that may or may not cross over to the real world some day. (yeah right)

Some of these skills are, but in no way limited to, the following:

Constructing drying racks/lines out of whatever means necessary.  Often containing shoe laces, rifle cases, lighting fixtures, vents, and wire clothe hangers…

Wielding large cumbersome objects through tight spaces, and not causing bodily harm to any innocent bystanders.

Knowing exactly how much 50 lbs is.  (If I can heft it onto my shoulder in one movement it is under 50lbs….every time)

Knowing how to trick scales into thinking your bag is only 50lbs.

The ability to sleep anywhere, anyplace, anytime, any how.  Bonus points for doing so in the middle of a 5 person row in the back of a plane on an 8 hour flight.

Cooking entire meals on a hot plate.

Smiling your way through customs.  ‘Wait… You?  …have the firearm???’

Counting to 5.  Well atleast 3…

If anything I’m set up wonderfully to be a hobo if this biathlon thing doesn’t work out.


I had a little meeting with our awesome sports psychologist in Utah to talk about how I manage stress.  Or lets face it… we talked about how poorly I was handling stress and what we could do about it.

Anxiety was burning me out.  My immune system was growing weak.  I had stress dreams… It just wasn’t a whole lot of fun anymore.

I would form these questions in my mind.  They made me feel unprepared.  Uncertain.  They would get me all worked up.  And for what?  They were hypothetical questions that I was asking myself!?!?

What was I doing!?  …self sabotage?  maybe just a little.

I’m pleased to tell you.  We’ve fixed it… fixed me?  and it was simple.  Answer those friggin questions!

So here you go.

Question:  Corrine why aren’t you on snow right now?
Fix:  Shut up, you’re awesome.

Question: Well everyone else is on snow…
Fix:  Shut up!  You’re awesome.

Question:  Corrine, you are going to be on snow for FOUR days before your first race!?
Fix: Shut up, you’re awesome.

Question:  Everyone else has been racing… you’re falling behind.
Fix:  Shut up, you’re awesome!

Question:  Corrine… you missed alot of training.  Is your arm even attached to your shoulder?
Fix:  Yes. I know. Shut up, you’re awesome.

Question:  So are you ready for this?
Fix:  Oh hell yeah.


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